O2 Christmas

O2 Christmas Last Christmas I gave you my heart, this Christmas it was my job to create some festive DRTV spots for O2. I love creating things like this, and trying to get a lovely layer of detail and magic on everything. These versions don't have the sound on, as they were sent off to… Read More

O2 Black Hole Friday

O2 Black Hole Friday These are a series of VOD animations I created for O2 to publicise their Black Friday sales. I worked in conjunction with another designer, who created the black hole asset, as well as a sound designer for these. I also contributed to the sound design as I had something very specific… Read More

Ellu Promo Video

Ellu Promo Video Ellu is a new startup that produce accessories to help people stay safe. This is a short promo video I animated that explains what their product is and what it does, but in a friendly and non-threatening manner. It was great fun to inject as much character as possible into Mr. e… Read More

Ford Fiesta Two-Tone

Ford Fiesta Two-Tone This project involved designing a responsive, full-screen expandable ad that targeted mobile devices. The idea was to promote Ford’s new line of Fiestas by showing, in a fun way, how many colour combinations were available. I approached the project in a fully responsive manner, starting first with the smallest screen size and… Read More

Crop Buster

Crop Buster Crop Buster is an application I designed and built to help The Bluehive with image crops for the Ford website. I noticed that a lot of time was being spent producing them individually in Photoshop and thought it would be best to come up with an elegant solution to automate a lot of… Read More

Ford Digital Academy

Ford Digital Academy You may not know this, but Ford are very into all things digital. So much so that they put on regular talks around the subject. I was tasked with designing the Digital Academy site as well as a set of video stings and intro videos. It was a great little project as I… Read More