Crop Buster

Crop Buster Crop Buster is an application I designed and built to help The Bluehive with image crops for the Ford website. I noticed that a lot of time was being spent producing them individually in Photoshop and thought it would be best to come up with an elegant solution to automate a lot of… Read More

Fat Ninja

FAT NINJA Fat Ninja started out as a challenge I set myself. A challenge to design and build an iPhone app in a month. A challenge I failed spectacularly as I got a bit carried away with animations and gameplay tweaks, as well as having to put it on hold for paid projects. It's been a… Read More

Radox Samba Beats

Radox Samba Beats This was a Facebook game that we built for Radox to promote their new Brazilian themed shower gel. It was very well received and there was a lot of competition from players trying to beat the top score. I was responsible for the design, animation and illustration of the game, although I… Read More