My O2 – Offers

My O2 - Offers This was a great project! We were a team of two bussed into O2 HQ to have a look at what could be done with the offers in My O2, the account section of O2. We worked closely together to work out all the UX, then the UI and finally animated… Read More

Ford Fiesta Two-Tone

Ford Fiesta Two-Tone This project involved designing a responsive, full-screen expandable ad that targeted mobile devices. The idea was to promote Ford’s new line of Fiestas by showing, in a fun way, how many colour combinations were available. I approached the project in a fully responsive manner, starting first with the smallest screen size and… Read More

Crop Buster

Crop Buster Crop Buster is an application I designed and built to help The Bluehive with image crops for the Ford website. I noticed that a lot of time was being spent producing them individually in Photoshop and thought it would be best to come up with an elegant solution to automate a lot of… Read More